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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make your own Double-Stitch Felt Ribbon

I don't know where my life was last year when Stampin' Up had their brown felt ribbon, but I missed it.

So I decided to be crafty with my sewing machine and make my own. Below is my tutorial for stitched felt ribbon.


- Kunin Felt in desired color
- DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss in desired color or similar brand
- Transparent Filament thread or matching thread of felt
- Sewing machine

I think this tutorial is a technique called Bobbin Sewing, but I'm not sure if that is the right term. I remember seeing something like this on a video from the Bernina USA website.


1. Cut strip or strips of felt in desired width and length for your project. I used brown felt and I only had the 9 x 12-inch sheet, so I stitched two pieces end to end using regular thread in my bobbin and the filament thread on my needle.

2. Practice on some felt before you start on your ribbon. You may need to adjust the tension on your machine so that the floss doesn't get pushed through the felt. You are only trying to tack down the floss not sew a seam.

3. Thread the machine with the transparent filament thread or a matching color thread to the felt.

Are you ready?


Note: These instructions should not replace the manufacturer's instructions that came with your machine.

Step 1 Wind, by hand, the floss onto a bobbin shuttle. Place the shuttle into the bobbin case so that the thread coming off of the bobbin looks like the top of a 6.

Step 2 Slide the floss into case making sure the floss end goes into the slot and all the way through the catch on the side of the case.

Step 3 Rotate the threaded needle with the machine handcrank one whole rotation (the needle thread will be wrapped around the bobbin thread). Use a flat object or your fingernail to bring the bobbin thread end up out of the faceplate. I give the needle thread a slightl tug after I have rotated with the handcrank and use my finger to swipe the bobbin thread out. Lengthen both needle and bobbin threads 3-4-inches.

Reference This is showing one edge already stitched for reference to the side of the felt you will be sewing on.

Step 4 Check the setting on your machine so that they are correct according to the practice piece in your preparation steps. (My settings are: needle position = left, stitch length = 4, tension = 2-3, sewing foot = zipper foot) Align your strip of felt to the position you decided on in your practice piece. (I right-aligned the edge of the felt to the zipper foot base.) Hold on to the ends of the thread and floss and begin to sew down the side of your felt strip. Tip: I set a finger down next to the left side of the strip so the strip has a guide to go against. My right hand keeps the strip aligned to the right side of the zipper foot.

Step 5: When done with one side swivel strip around and go down the other side. Before you start sewing give the threads some slack so they don't buckle the strip-end.


If you want some excellent directions on the basic use of a sewing machine for your crafts, go to Gina K. Designs. She has some awesome tutorials in the left sidebar of her blog.

You'll have to come back on Saturday to see the project using my new felt ribbon!

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  1. wow Janelle, that's so cool! I will have to try it out.


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