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About Me

There is always something to learn and I love to figure out how to design in new ways!

Hi, My name is Janelle and I love being crafty!

I grew up finding different ways to use my art talent through school classes and a community center just two doors down from my childhood home. I chose to go to college and pursue more art skills and found a booming market for computer graphic artists. I was blessed with a summer job program at Hewlett-Packard where I excelled at learning new graphics programs to teach to my coworkers. I became a employee after graduation where I worked several years as a graphic designer. I also found another designing challenge while working at Hewlett-Packard in the discipline of Human Factors. I created graphics and performed usability testing on the HP Web JetAdmin software until I became a full-time Human Factors Engineer.

The most rewarding chapter of my life outside of marrying my husband started just one day after I left the corporate job field. I became the mother to my two children that I adore with all my heart. It's impossible to not get my heart to smile every time I see or think of them.

As this blog echos, my love for art is comprised of many crafty puddles that I cheerfully jump in and out of when I'm not being a devoted wife and mother to my family. The main puddle craft for this blog is making cards and paper crafts, but some other puddles you might find here are sewing, cooking, baking, wood crafts and needlework projects. Puddles always seem to be springing up around my house and you never know what you might find!

Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me. You can send me an email anytime if you have any questions on the projects you see on my blog or if you just want to say hi!

Get to know my crafting moments and more on my Resume and Spotlights page.