Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do Over's Please!

Have you ever wanted to unpost a card or layout in your gallery? I have a few, but there's one that I actually would like to carefully pull apart and do-over. So I'm curious if any of you have a do-over in your gallery? If you're willing, share which one it is, what your gripe is about the card and add a link to share. If anyone really did the do-over item that is even better.

Tell your friends, let's have a big Do-Over party this week!

Here's mine:

The gripe? The most creative part doesn't stand out. All those butterflies I masked and stamped on the panel, then cut and raised with dimensionals don't really do a dramatic element to the card. It needs more contrast overall.

So what is your do-over?


  1. Very nice! I like the colors and the cute butterfly....tfs!!!

  2. Love the way you cut out the butterflies. I have lots of do overs! When I am finished with something and not satisfies it does into the "rework" pile. Sometimes they stay there for a while before I can decide what they need.

  3. There are many cards that I start out with one idea and end up with another. And not always something I like. But I press forward anyway because I'm trying not to waste anything. I often think "if I were to make this card again I would..." and fill in the blank with my changes. But I don't end up re-making any of them. I guess because there are too many new ideas to try out that I never get back to it.

    I do think your card is pretty and I like the design. I do understand what you mean about your butterfly blending in with the background.


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