Monday, September 3, 2012

Painted Clouds

(credits: Photo by Janelle Stollfus
Balloon: )
Edited with Corel Paint Shop Pro X3

Happy Labor Day to my US friends, but also a wish for a wonderful weekend wherever you are. We are having a staycation with the family. We were up really early on Saturday morning to catch up to 40 hot air balloons launch at the Spirit of Boise Hot Air Balloon Classic. We usually see a few balloons over our rooftop at this time of year, but we've never made down to see them all launch together. This was the year and it was spectacular! I took tons of photos of balloons and just in case my mother-in-law asked, I snapped a few of the grandkids, too. :)

There is nothing like the look of real sun-kissed clouds, but I know a close second. I've stirred up some curiosity over a few clouds I painted on this card I posted back in July. Now you can have a chance to make them yourself with a tutorial I'm hosting over on Paper Craft Planet Blog today. Come and see!

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