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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stampendous and Cinnamon Sugar Dust

It's a special Saturday! Our family is happily making cinnamon rolls for our gifts to neighbors, there's nothing like fresh pastries baking in your home in the morning and we want to share that wonderful moment with some super delicious cinnamon rolls. We make up each batch in our bread machine and roll up and place them in a gift pan with a packet of frosting, then wrap them up with instruction to bake in there own oven.

It's not a secret recipe... here it is from All Recipes website.

While we have flour up to our elbows and cinnamon sugar on the floor, take up a cup of coffee and enjoy some of my recent Stampendous projects. Why Stampendous? Because after the wrapping paper has been torn off of every crafty gift, you may want use the monthly challenge that is going on. It's the perfect color challenge to help you get started on those Valentine's. Oh yes, I said Valentines, but that's a couple months and a day away. You only have a few weeks left to jump in to the challenge though. It can be any occasion for the card, but the colors matter!

Check out the DETAILS on another post of mine!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and God bless you this holiday!

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  1. Sounds yum. I want to be YOUR neightbor! Thanks for the slide show of your fab creations! Have a wonderful holiday!


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