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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Small World 'round the pumpkin patch

Thursday is my oldest sister's birthday. I don't have a great and perfect card to send her and I knew I wouldn't get one done in time, so this week I'm flooding her FB page with well wishes and calling her up to find out what she'll be doing on her day. Now I'll post it so all my friends who know her can send her birthday wishes as well. *wink*


It's a small world when you Google painting pumpkins with craft paint and the link you take is a contest to "Trick Your Pumpkin" by a craft paint company. The contest's Co-sponsor happens to be Craft Critique. One of Craft Critique's incredibly talented senior reporter's is my Design Team Coordinator for InStyle Stamps. Now don't you want to go blog hopping and see the links to this small world tour I just told you about? Okay, but first here is the reason I'm sending you on a link hopping fun spree.
Today at my MOPS meeting we will be creating these decoupage pumpkins for our craft time. It goes together real quick and I know most of you have most of the supplies to do this for next to nothing.

Now here are the links to my small world tour.

~ Plaid's "Trick your Pumpkin" contest (look for the inspiration pumpkin on the main page, but if you want the instructions go to their decoupage section for the pumpkin here)
~ On the contest page is the Co-Sponsor link for Craft Critique
~ One of Craft Critique's Senior Staff Reporter is Taylor Usry
~ Taylor is the design team coordinator for InStyle Stamps
~ I design for InStyle Stamps!

Okay, now wasn't that fun and different and give you some extra mojo inspiration? Cool.

I hope you noticed a few things a long the way like,

Craft Critique is having a Halloween Blog Carnival, and
InStyle Stamps Color Inspiration challenge for the month is gorgeous rich colors (just like my pumpkin), and
I found some napkins for our MOPS pumpkins that look almost exactly like the inspiration pumpkin!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Janelle~ Oh my goodness is this ADORABLE!!!! I absolutely love it and now want to go and buy a pumpkin so I can give this a go! lol! Absolutely gorgeous work hun!!!
    Hugs~ Kim


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