Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Pie Tree Story

Happy Monday to you all!

Did you see the neat inspiration for InStyle Stamps last week? Go check it out and then come back here to read about an unrelated project. I just had to put both in the same post because the project goes so well with InSpiration Wednesday, .

So I decided to try and be an Art Mom for my daughter's Kindergarten class this year. EDIT: I AM the Art Mom for the year.

Last Tuesday I brought in to my daughter's classroom a crock pot and a Peel Away (peels, cores and slices apples and potatoes, possibly more than that). The teacher asked the class to each bring in an apple. While the children were in seatwork, they took turns using the Peel Away on their apple and then placed it in the crock pot. I added a few seasonings and when it was time for pick up the room smelled like chunky applesauce. Well, it was suppose to be applesauce but it resembled more of a pie filling. LOL Each student took home a cup to eat at lunch. Thanks to my friend and hairdresser, Susan, for that idea.

The art project was an apple book to give the students a chance to

The supplies for the apple book are:
-Two red circles
-Two white circles 1/2 inch smaller in diameter than the red
-One green rectangle
-One brown strip

Put together with a glue stick. The leaf is an outline of their thumb cut out and put between the back cover circle and the second white circle glued all together.

Then glue on the front cover:
-Torn colored tissue paper

We asked them to draw on the first page their favorite part of the Apple Pie Tree book and then on the second page they drew or wrote what is their favorite apple food

Lots of fun and they did a phenomenal job. I think all 10 students were done with the project within 30 minutes.

Hope your Monday is a good one!

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