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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Coconut Tutorial?

I had a funny thing go through my head yesterday. "I wonder if there is a punch art tutorial to make a coconut? I'll google it and see." What? Nothing in the first page of entries? Well I need to remedy that!

  • Oval and small circle punch
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock in brown, white or cream any other bright scraps leftover from those flowers we did on Monday tutorial {wink}
  • Brown ink and sponge
  • Black pen
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scraps of hemp twine pulled apart (again, scraps from the tutorial on Monday, LOL)
  • Embossing Buddy or cornstarch
  • Optional - marker for coloring inside of coconut "meat"
 The Whole Coconut 
1. Punch out one oval from brown cardstock
2. Sponge brown ink on one side for shadow
3. Draw three small ovals in different directions on the top of the oval.
4. Spray with adhesive spray ( I just set it on top of all the paper scraps in my trash can)
5. Lay fibers down on oval going lengthwise.
6. Pat with embossing buddy or sprinkle cornstarch on it to cover any exposed adhesive (so it won't be sticky.)
Coconut Drink Cup
Do steps 1 - 3 on whole coconut instructions. Then,
4. Attach oval to a sticky note and punch dotted end off. (See punched oval on left side in photo.)

5. Spray both pieces with adhesive spray. (I guess you could do this before step 4, but I didn't LOL)
6. Lay fibers down on oval pieces going lengthwise.
7. Punch out a second brown oval and one cream or white circle.
8. Sponge one long side of the oval.
9. Glue the circle just below the sponged edge (see this on the right side of photo).
10. Lay bottom of first brown oval over the top and position it until it looks good. Adhere it and trim around cutting away the oval with the circle attached to it.

11. Done!

Need one more option?
Now if you really want to jazz it up, here is what I did. 
1.From green cardstock scrap I punch a Martha Stewart Frond and folded over the top three leaves.
2. Glue together.
3. From color scraps I punched out the smallest hydrangea from the Martha Stewart 3-in-1 punch.
4. Glue those onto the folded frond.
5. Punch a hole in the top of the cut in half oval where one of the black ovals are.
6. Cut a thin strip of cardstock just wide enough and long enough for a straw plus length to sandwich inbetween the white circle and front brown oval.
7. Slide straw through hole in top part of oval and position tilted on side of coconut cup. Glue frond and flower on top of lid to glue top and bottom together.

Okole maluna!


  1. Too cool!!! I love it. You are very creative.

  2. OMG! Janelle this is totally awesome!

  3. Janelle, this is just totally AWESOME!! Thanks for the tutorial!! Love It!!


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