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Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's A Guy Thing - Verve Style

Okay, there is nothing like making a project to post last minute except making one as far as you can before you serve it up. This post is fully baked, but only half assembled for my "It's a Guy Thing" Project Parade.

I've got a puzzle to put into a Pizza Box (that I need to still make) and then the hamburger and french fries will be put into some baskets and bags (that need to be printed off of my computer).

UPDATE: I finished the pizza box. I made the red gingham paper and glued it to some chipboard that I cut out from a bitmap from here. I used a perforating rotary blade to score and make it look like a real box. I printed out Puzzle Pizza using "Impervious" font from kevinandamanda dot com and stamped #1 Dad from Verve's Dad's Day set above it before die cutting with my Label 1 Nesties .

All this is for Father's Day and my son's 2nd birthday tomorrow, Sunday. I need to assemble the hamburgers just before we eat them so they don't dry out and the frosting needs to be made yet. This post certainly isn't as polished as the Verve Divas post, but its the best I can do without creating the hamburger special too early and letting it dry out. So come back Monday and I'll show you what I dished up for the two fantastic men in my life.

(photos taken with my cellphone)

You can view the dessert inspiration in its completion over at Bakerella dot com at this post.

UPDATE: I have all my trays printed, cut and ready to assemble. Here's a couple that are ready when the "Order's Up".

The Father's Day food tray, tissue paper and fry bag are all from the template found on Bakerella's blog (see link above). The Birthday tissue paper I painstakingly did in Paintshop Pro using "smiley monster" from scrapbooking fonts over at kevinandamanda dot com, and I copied the fry bag template and added the birthday sentiment to it.

Well, I hope you enjoy your weekend! I've been busy doing paper crafting. Now I just need to run downstairs and put up the birthday banner for tomorrow.

To see my completed version of the Fast Food Fun dish (as Bakerella named it) including consumption check out this post


  1. Oh, goodness! These are all so cute! I love your project!


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