Monday, March 16, 2009

Macro Photo Suite for Free!

Hi all, I've been so tickled about my homemade photo setup that when I ran across someone asking how everyone took their photos, well I just decided to make a post about it.

I searched on the web and ran across some great instructions. I proceeded to go through the house and find everything I needed. So my box was free to make. Well, I had bought the lightbulbs and workshop hanging lamps at The Home Depot a couple of months before I made this small box, so I guess it was about $10.

Go to the "instructions" link above to get the details, but here is my setup and the object I took a shot of in my photo suite is the photo at the beginning.


  1. I really liked it.The idea is great. I liked the setup too.

  2. Thanks for your comments on my FIL's Father's Day card! It looks so complicated that I think people are just boggled when they look at it. LOL! My photo box is not nearly as fancy as yours. In fact it's just a few pieces of white cardstock propped up on my bookshelf and there are no lights just the sun! I will definitely try your version when I find more space. :)


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