Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Thirteen years ago on St. Patrick's Day marks the beginning of a relationship. It wasn't for anything green, or out of the ordinary and it was almost by accident.
I was suppose to go to a soccer game with a friend of mine. The game got cancelled due to soaked fields from a day's worth of rain. I had nothing to do for the afternoon. I got a call to go to a movie.
The twist of the day was that the soccer game was meant to bridge a relationship between my friend and a coworker. The coworker called me to say the game was cancelled. Moments later, I got another phone call...the coworker asked me out. We met at the theatre, late getting in because of my long distance phone call, last row center seats and shuffling by a couple of ladies... all of the sudden we hear something to the effect of a rain stick. Odd don't you think? One of the ladies had a large bag of M&M's in her lap and trying to keep them hidden, manage to drop them while making room for us to shuffle past their seats.
I will never forget the day. St. Patrick's Day, first date and pronounced entrance to our seats by a raining of M&M's down the theatre floor.
I quickly put together this wrapper/sleeve for a bag of M&M's today to give my dear sweet hubby of 10 1/2 years.
I love you sweetie!


  1. Love your M&M wrapper and your story! Did you say the 3 leaf clover is a die? Is it sizzix? Thanks for sharing. Diana


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