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Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday! Forever

I just finished the last three classes of my Mastering Your Sewing Machine class at my local Bernina store. It was so much fun! I have many more projects I want to do now that I know how to use my machine. I highly recommend taking a machine class even if its a generic class.

I jumped into a project before completing my classes which if I had waited would have made for an easier project, but that is how I learn. After seeing various children catalogs showcasing cute birthday banners I decided I would make one that was better for all family members young and old. I have a daughter and a son so I didn't want something too girlish or too boyish. Here is a close up view of the middle of the banner. The pendant is made to hang in any kind of arrangement. Just unbutton and move it to two banners or a different word(s) all together. The appliqued present on the middle pendant is from McCall's Quilting site.

My neighbor liked this banner so much she asked me to help her make one. Don't you hate that. Well, not that she asked, but that I had already decided to make her one and had all the materials to make it and surprise her with it. She was excited that I had planned to make one for her and it worked out for me because she helped me sew hers together. It took one-third the amount of time.

I told myself that I had to complete some unfinished projects before starting more sewing ones and tonight I completed my son's flannel/fleece blanket. That detail is for another days entry.

UPDATE: Just thought I'd add the cookie bouquet my daughter wanted for her birthday. Don't worry we still had birthday cake.

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