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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby Blanket

I completed a baby blanket by crocheting a trim around the edges last night. I made it for my 6 month old son.

Well, when I bought all the materials seven months ago he was 6 months old.

The main part of the blanket is blue and white striped flannel on one side and light blue fleece on the other side. I started out thinking I would hand quilt it using a cross stitch loop and randomly embroider circles. It sat for 3 months completely untouched and then I decided to make a quilt frame from scrap wood in the garage from a web instruction page. Got it all done in half a day and stretched the blanket on it and it sat for another 2 1/2 months. Off of the frame the blanket went. I finally decided to machine quilt it. By now I'm sure the thought has occurred to you that maybe it should just be hand tie quilted and be done with it. I am not a fan of the hand tie method for unknown reasons, so I try stippling the blanket on the machine and didn't like it at all. I seam ripped all the stipple out of the middle of the blanket.

Finally I decided to make an on-point grid on the blanket and sew that on the machine. I used my 6' x 24' omnigrid ruler which has a 45 degree angle already on it. Voila! In about two hours from the first line to the last sewn line I was done. Now all I had to do was find out the best way to crochet an edge onto and through the two layers of flannel and fleece. I made a practice piece out of scrap and used an 1/8" craft hole punch to pierce through the blanket at about 1/4" interval. Amazingly the holes came to the corners perfectly at that interval. I then searched for a trim at my favorite yarn website and picked one from their "Trim of the Week".

I am please with how it came out. I think I might make a few for baby gifts this fall. If I can get my other projects done in time to start them.

I'll be back with some other projects as they get completed.

Have a blessed day!

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