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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bible Journaling with Stampendous

Hello and happy Wednesday folks! I'm excited to share today some new stamps also from Stampendous for your Bible Journaling time!

This has been something I've dabbled all around my bible time, but when I received these two creative stamp stamps I dived right in!

It took a few practice stamps and paint test to get ready, but that was all. 

And it didn't take long for my creativity to flow. These sets are going to be extremely versatile anytime I want to add stamping to my notes or when I decide to get out my paints and bible journal, I can't wait to spend time with them again.

Stampendous Supplies:
  1. Prepare paint with each color a 1:1 mix with white and color.
  2. Paint margin with mixed yellow paint. Let dry.
  3. Paint Titanium White onto a length of the tape. Let dry. Rub spread PanPastel Goldenrod and blend with a slightly damp flat brush. Let dry.
  4. Stamp heart from Bible Promises set with black ink and heat set. Color with red hue mix in heart and purple mix in the letter L. Highlight with white gel pen.
  5. Continue stamping, heat setting and painting as desired. Let dry.
  6. Use tape across the top of the page.
  7. Fill in with journaling notes.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!

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  1. Gorgeous, Janelle!! Fabulous truths in living colour - love it. Hugs to you!


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