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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Short tutorial of Neon coloring

I thought when I was making this card last week for the Neon Blog Hop (winners announced!), that I would have time to create a short tutorial to share in the same post. It didn't happen, time just ran out for me. So I'm here with a quick tutorial today.

The key to creating popped color on color cardstock is starting out with a white base for your image.

It's super easy to do with the newest Stampendous Jumbo Sets. Each set comes with a plastic template for some or all of the stamps included in the set.

Template included in Lovely Garden Jumbo Set
The nicest thing about it is that you will end up with pre-made masks once you punch out the positives of the template. Think about it. no stamping on sticky notes and meticulously cutting around them. When shopping for these sets just look for the orange corner on the packaging that says "Free Template" (see below).

Lovely Garden Jumbo Stamp Set

There are a lot of tutorials out there on stamping with masks and probably as many for stamping on colored cardstock. This tutorial is about stamping on colored cardstock using the Free Template included in your Stampendous Jumbo Sets.

step01 Tape down paper and flower template to a protected surface.

Stamp ink directly from inkpad to open template area. Cover any open areas of the template if you have already used it.

Dry completely before next step.
step03 Stamp flower image over dried white ink. Use a stamp positioner for accurately stamped images.

Dry completely before next step.
step04 Color image with neon ink pads and cotton swab or small foam dauber.

The ink floats on the dry white ink making it possible to blend colors. The deep purple at the base of the petals are purple and blue blended together.
step02 Optional: To add more layers to image, position flower mask taken out of template over colored image and repeat step 1 through step 3.

When stamping secondary images like the leaf shape, remember to use a mask on the main stamped image (flower for this tutorial).

If you know you will be adding secondary images from the start of your project, ink all of those areas in step 1, but remember to mask out the stamped images before stamping the secondary images.

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