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Monday, July 29, 2013

Stampendous and Dreamweaver Oceanside


We are back again with some fun joining Dreamweaver Stencils and Stampendous Impressions in a full week of summer splashing fun! Summer is going strong still, so we are showing projects to bring those trips to the beach back home for memories and more!

These two companies have put together a super prize package well because they love to celebrate it's going to be TWO prize sets up for grabs and you can get all the details on the Stampendous or Dream It Up website.
Now that you know where to go for all the details here's my project to share:

I had this jar already filled with some pebbles and seashells and I new exactly where I was going with my project for today. I started with the online video by Wendy Jordan for some great how-to using double-sided adhesive sheets with glitter.

I wanted to create a shell color and texture using my Stampendous Rose and Peach Color Fragments with Dreamweaver's Seashell Stencil

In the photo above from left to right, you can see the difference of original size Fragments to crushed and in the picture below how well the crushed fit into the small openings of the stencil.

To give the shells their unique shine from the wet beach, I sprinkle on Stampendous Crystal Micro Glitter, before removing the stencil. I finished off the adhesive with Stampendous Ice Blue Micro Glitter and again on some sticky tape around the rim. It quickly finished up with a few wraps of jute rope, hemp twine and candle.

Variation: If this were to be a collection from a recent trip, save the lid and create a great label or tag using more stencils and stamps attaching with the twine bow at the top.

Remember to comment on each blog and check out the details of this weeks collaboration every day with Stampendous and Dreamweaver Stencils. Each day will have a new link list of blogging inspiration and a chance to win prizes!

You're next stop is 


Dreamweaver's Seashell Stencil
Stampendous Rose and Peach Color Fragments
Stampendous Crystal Micro Glitter
Stampendous Ice Blue Micro Glitter
Dreamweaver MPDS Double-sided Mounting Paper or Stampendous Sticky Panels Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive Sheets
Double-sided sticky tape
Jute rope
Hemp Twine
Zip Dry Glue
Dry soft bristled paintbrush
Glitter tray or clean pieces of paper for tapping off Fragments and Glitter


  1. Trim Double-Sided Adhesive sheet to height of stencil and circumference of jar at the bottom.
  2. Add natural soap to back of stencil and place on peeled back adhesive sheet just enough for the length of the stencil.
  3. Crumble Stampendous Color Fragments and sprinkle over stencil. Move around with finger and press in with the protective sheet peeled back from the adhesive sheet.
  4. Tap off excess and reserve.
  5. Sprinkle Stampendous Crystal Micro Glitter over stencil and press in with protective sheet.
  6. Turn over stencil and carefully peel back adhesive paper.
  7. If adhesive paper is longer than stencil repeat steps 3 through 6 until complete. Make sure to cover and tap excess away from previously stenciled areas so the exposed background will not be contaminated with loose Fragments or Micro Glitter.
  8. Sprinkle Stampendous Ice Blue Micro Glitter over the whole exposed adhesive and press in as done before on the shell shapes.
  9. Add the finished panel around the bottom of the jar only peeling back the protective cover a little at a time.
  10. Add Sticky tape around the top of the smooth side of the jar and sprinkle with Stampendous Ice Blue Micro Glitter. Brush off excess with a dry clean paintbrush.
  11. Add Zip-Dry Glue around the threads of the jar and quickly wrap Jute rope around it. Add a few wraps of twine and tie in a bow.

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  1. Fantastic project Janelle!!! I love re-purposing and the little window makes the project. Great tutorial and crushing fragments...cool!!!

  2. Wonderful tutorial, you give me so much inspiration

  3. Awesome project! And thanks for sharing Wendy's video!

  4. Janelle, this is a really cute way to decorate jars! Love that you crushed up the fragments, gives a real shell look to it. Super cute!

  5. Hi from Illinois, your jar is so beautifully crafted, love the color too!!!

  6. This is a beautiful project and a great idea!

  7. This is so beautiful. I love the colors and the seashells.

  8. This is beautiful...what a great project to teach or demonstrate! Thanks for making our stencils look so good with your Stampendous products.

  9. Janelle, this is awesome! Interested in using this for a tutorial on PCP this Thursday? Please? Love how you crushed the Color Fragments for this!

  10. Can't go wrong with Dreamweaver stencils....Nice Job!!!

  11. What a great technique for this sea shell themed candle holder.
    Sue in Ohio

  12. Wonderful beachy project!! Love the natural twine with the shells.
    <3 J

  13. What a great project! Love how you decorated the jar...both inside and out.

  14. Great idea!. It is always helpful to see items used differently than what a person thinks they are to used. Thanks

  15. I love the window look! Fabulous tutorial for the glitter and fragments!

  16. Thanks for the tutorial! Love this cute decorative project.

  17. Oooh, love the glittery embellishment!

  18. So sweet Janelle! I love sea shells and your wonderful project turned out great!

  19. Wonderful design....love your use of the fragments...I have them and am finding all kinds of ways to use them!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  20. Wow, this is so beautiful! Thanks for showing us a close-up using the crushed fragments. Love the ice blue glitter as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  21. Wow!! Simply Amazing!! THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! ;)

  22. Gorgeous! Love that peek into the shells and candle.

  23. Great projects on the blog hop. Love Dreamweaver and Stampendous- so great together!

    Carol B

  24. Great decorative jar! You are inspirational! Thx

  25. Wow, this is jaw droppingly gorgeous Janelle, I'm so lovin' the sparkle and the sea shells!

  26. great idea- I will use that with my brownie unit! :)

  27. What a great project. Thanks for your idea.

  28. Oh wow, that is really pretty!

  29. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! Your jar is delightful! What a great gift to have on hand for last minute gift giving! Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your beautiful creation!

  30. That's beautiful and a great way to show off your shells!

  31. What a great project. It's so gorgeous.

  32. Wow, that is a fantastic way to dress up something simple.

  33. cool candle. I love how you worked in the crushed color.


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