Friday, December 28, 2012

A Holiday week has gone by so quickly!

Whew! I am still surprised at how fast this week went by. It's been a busy, fun, memorable time.

I've been down with a skin rash, that itchy irritable pinchy kind, that I suspect is the result of old industrial cleaner I used on the bathroom and then getting my self cleaned up to soon afterwards. Ugh. Well, a few days with Prednisone and antihistamines and I'm able to sit still and type without feeling the need to rub against sand paper. Happy days, I tell ya.

I don't have anything new to show you today, sorry to say, but I wanted to stop in and say hi, hope that you are all having a splendid time with your families wherever you are or just having a good time and getting in some crafting.

Oh yes, Verve Stamps is having their usual fantastic sales on stamps and dies for the end of the year. Please get on the newsletter email list because they are happening every day and staying until the end of the year. There are even a few items up to 50% off.

Go to and check out all the goodies. Just in case Santa wasn't able to fill your stocking as full as you wanted, right? :)

To get you started browsing here are a few of my favorite projects from 2012.

Lean on Me and Borderline (Verve Stamps) Flourished Trim DieMini Classy Label DiePointed Flowers Die Set and Pennant Trim Die (A Cut Above, Verve)

 Feel the Sun and  Cup of Life and Hope Blooms (Verve Stamps)Rounded Scallop Frame die and Tiny Sweet Scallop Tag die (A Cut Above, Verve Stamps)

You and I and Making a Statement (Verve Stamps), I Heart You Die and Jotted Heart Die (A Cut Above, Verve)

 Borderline Stamp Set (Verve Stamps)Pennant Die and Mini Bookplate die (A Cut Above Die, Verve Stamps)

 Holiday Greeting (Verve Stamps)

 Autumn Splendor (Verve Stamps)Rounded Scallop Frame Die (A Cut Above Die, Verve Stamps)

Stronger Love and Making a Statement (Verve Stamps) Loopy Blooms Die Set (A Cut Above, Verve)

 One Person (Verve Stamps)

 Small CelebrationsBloom and Grow (Verve Stamps) Ribbon Banner Die and Elegant Leaves die (A Cut Above Die, Verve Stamps)

 Holiday Greetings and Borderline (Verve Stamps) Ribbon Banner die (A Cut Above, Verve)

 Doodled Occasions (Verve Stamps) Pennant Trim die and Scalloped Flower die (A Cut Above, Verve)

 Merry and Bright and Dream Big (Verve Stamps) Winter Fun die set and Scalloped Flowers die set (A Cut Above, Verve)

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