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Friday, December 16, 2011

Preschool Cookie Sign-ups

It's been a busy week here at the homestead. There have been lots of practices, parties and to-do lists. One of them was to bake 18 cookies for my son's classroom party. Just a simple 18 non-decorated sugar cookies. I made the dough and went on a hunt for my large star cookie cutter. I wasn't finding it anywhere. Then I realized I left it in a zipper bag with his classroom to use for their play-dough time today. Umph... what to do.

I had smaller stars, so I just decided I'd make up a few more than 18. But the creative juices were flowing and I decided a Christmas tree made from stacked cookies would be THE best way to celebrate! I'm thinking along the lines of motor skill development, you know, similar to playing with lincoln logs or legos. But with cookies and frosting!!!! Score!

So that the volunteers in the room will understand what to do with the cookie kits I put together, I created (or wasted some of my sleep time) this "diagram". It's totally not needed, but I had SO much fun creating it.

The thought just crossed my mind that my son's teacher's might not let me sign-up to bring anything again! This might be too much work for those little hands and brains. Nah, I think it's more about getting to eat it than make it.

I'm sure that everyone needs a diagram of a stacked cookie tree, don't they? I just thought I'd share it. I hope it makes sense! I didn't think to spell check it. : ) If for some reason you need to have this... please use it for personal use only, thanks!

Have a wonderful Friday! I'll be back on Saturday with a Stampendous post. See ya soon!

Update (12/16/2011 2:23pm MT):

The children loved it. There were lots of parents there who helped to construct them. Some children ate them right away or wanted to take it home to share with family. Here are a few that were going home to share!


  1. Very fun and cool Janelle......... make sure to get your rest... I bet the children have a blast with these!!!!!
    happy holidays to you...

  2. What a great idea! and look at the individual pieces of art work created. Clever girl you are Janelle.


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