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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is she doing?

I’ve been working hard this summer to get through some non paper crafting projects, so when winter hits I can just be in my craft studio and play. The problem lies in the fact that I can’t stop creating projects. So when I see something that needs to be adorned or emphasized I’m on it. I was happily working on a small thank you gift this spring, that quite honestly I was afraid to send. In the end I made up something totally different and it’s finally out the door and in the recipients hands. That and sewing a 1940’s dress pattern for a friend’s daughter (I promise I’ll post that one when I haven’t a card to show you).
Yes, sewing. One more thing I like to do. I love fabric just a teensy weensy less than I love paper. I have more paper at present.
Sewing is a good creative outlet while I’m not doing card making (and not tackling the other projects I should be doing). So when I saw Larissa’s tooth fairy pillow last week on her mmmcrafts blog, my heart jumped a beat and then almost stopped completely when I saw she offered the best photo tutorial AND pattern to make it myself. I was searching for a simple option to hold my daughter’s tooth when the tooth fairy came around, loose tooth pending, but hey I’ll create more work for me when it’s this amazingly cute. LOL. This tooth fairy pillow won over the child in me. I now secretly wish one of my teeth would start to move loosely. Talk about an easy project! I’m now in the process of making one for my daughter’s friend who has two loose teeth and then one for my son. He’s not going to start losing teeth yet (I hope), but if I’ve got the supplies out I might as well get it done. Maybe a basketball tooth “angel” as he calls them. This one is only lacking some glittery wings and it’s done.

Have a blessed day and I hope I haven’t enabled too many of you with yet another ADORABLE projects because of my blog search find. :)


  1. Janelle, here's a repeat of the comment I left for you on my post: Your tooth turned out so cute! I have to say, what I love best about our pillow is the fact that we can hang it on the OUTSIDE of their door. The tooth fairy really really appreciates that, not only because less stealth is needed, but it is a visual reminder to the sleepy tooth fairy to actually leave the dollar in place of the tooth before she goes to bed and forgets it. Now I need to look through your paper tutorials...


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