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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I little Pinãta fun last week

For a few weeks now, my son has been asking for a pinãta. It began sometime in May and it wasn't really a request, it was introduced as an idea. My son has a terrific mind full of things to make and we know it's share time when he starts out with, "Hey! I have a good idea!".
So we've made a pinãta and it was a grand party in our backyard.

(My mind is still on vacation... I took ALL of the photos with my Macro setting from the last card photo I took. I hope the photos don't make you dizzy!)

Now, once we layered the paper-mâché on the balloon and hung it in the laundry room to dry, all of the sudden the good idea became a great idea. We could go and buy a "shaped" pinãta! I really do understand and agree, because a newspaper print balloon shape pinãta is not as much fun as a colorful tissue paper fringed shaped pinãta. What to do? Make it look like a shape. What's an easy shape to make with an oblong sphere?

We watch a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ta-dah!
 Now for the swinging and face-off.

The nose is the first to go. Then when my daughter had her turn it was an ear.

So a few more swings and the pinãta split open... nice.

Hmmmm.... I think someone put the ear back on...feeling a bit sad for our mouse, I guess.

My pinãta tip of the day? For a good first pinãta experience, only do two layers of newspaper so it only takes a few swings to break apart. I'm thinking about a recent car commercial now....

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