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Friday, February 18, 2011

The weekend IS here and WOYWW

Hello blogging friends!

It's finally the time of week where I can breathe and freely be creative. My kids are home and no homework to be done. Only a few loads of laundry and bathrooms to be cleaned before Sunday, as I always take time out to rest on that day from my house tasks.

I'm the next in my family to get a common cold and I'm not sure if this morning's napping session in front of cartoons with my 3 year old was from being sick or exhaustion from the week, but I was awakened by my son's favorite phrase these days... "mom, I'm STILL hungry. mom, I'm STILL hungry. MOM, I'M STILL HUNGRY!" These words started in my dream until I realized it was for real.

So what has this got to do with my crafting blog post today? Well, I've only had energy to make cups of coffee and finish up school carpool, but I've also been out on Google Reader gleaning inspiration. In doing so I came across a article linked at Michelle Wooderson's blog that I wanted to share with you.

I've been struggling with the W's of selling my creations. Where. When. What (kind and price of creations). Of course the Why, but also How much to make. This article is great for the WHO. If you've got only the energy to browse the Internet and read on a few articles, try and get this one on your list.

“buy handmade” doesn’t work and the follow-up: “buy handmade” doesn’t work articles.

What's in the photo?  I've come across a few crafty bloggers who take on the "What's on Your Workspace Wednesday" challenge. I truly admire the openness of sharing what's on their workspace, one which I find frightening to expose my messiness, but I think can still share even though it is Friday. So from time to time I'll show off my complete disastrous state of creativity. Enjoy this one...it will be a while before I'll photograph my messy space. This is all on my workspace today. Leftovers from the last three projects and a current one. Last weeks leftover valentine paper dangling from its storage shelf (far left) and a hot chocolate mug from who knows when (far right). The current project is in the askew color "Polaroid" in the bottom left. The rest is an always there sort of thing. I'm comfortable with that kind of mess. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend and for those who have a three day weekend all the better, right?



  1. Hello Janelle - your post made me smile today! I am living with three teenagers who constantly cry I'm still hungry' and live with the ellusive dream of clearing my desk - but it is where my creative journey starts and ends - so I am good with that! I have left something on my Blog for you

  2. Hi janelle, I looked and looked and couldn't find the mess you were talking about! I guess you have a very nice camera and a rare talent to use it to your advantage :^) Anyway the photos are very nice and artistic esp with the colored, b/w and sepia mixed up together!
    Patsy from

  3. Thanks for this post. I just started selling handmade cards and appreciate the articles. I hope you are feeling better!

  4. Hope you are feeling better - I think any mother knows the phrase 'I still hungry' even after they have just eaten lol ~ Nicky no.6

  5. First, welcome to WOYWW. Second, you're in good company - so many people think they have a workdesk that's too shameful to photograph..but treally it's all just inspiration and seeing what you've got that we haven't....it's fun really. You sound exhausted, hope the cold dries up really fast and you can get the most out of your long weekend.


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