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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little Hippo Coverage

I'm sharing a sewing project that has consumed a portion of my creative brain power. My brother-in-law asked me if I could create this cover from a drawing he had made and I was completely apprehensive about my ability, but I figured with some help from everyone I knew and a few late nights, that it could be done.

The project was a cover or bag for a gaming device called a Play Station Portable (PSP). You know, I was able to pull out my fancy sewing machine and sew! (And use the seam ripper... and sew with a walking foot... and rip out seams... and hope... and sew... you get the idea.)

I'm so pleased with how this project came out and I hope the recipient likes it too.

Ta - da! Isn't that hippo darling? The design is a doodle made by my brother-in-law and then he sent it along with some fabric to a wonderful friend of ours who has a new embroidery machine.

A little side panel view.

A button closure was a must!

Enough space on the side for the tassel to hang out and the ability to get the PSP out of the cover easily.

The inside really needed some cushion and also give some form to the design. I walked up and down every aisle in the fabric store and came across something called headliner in the upholstery section. It's actually the fabric you would see if you looked up at the ceiling in your vehicle! No teasing.

I started with a fabulous tutorial at The Cottage Home. Thanks Lindsay! Her tutorial made it super easy to understand how to sew a liner into a bag.

I'm glad the project is done, but I have learned so much about sewing because of it that I'm so glad it did it. Thanks to all who helped me out and patiently supported me. Love you all!

Hope you are all doing well with your projects this week and taking some time to treat yourself with a break.


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