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Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Planning Kit

For my MOPS group this past week, we decided to go organized-style. We made a quick kit that can be tucked away somewhere in the car or around the house that will keep us on our toes for the holidays.

Even if we have a master calendar and lists started it's always nice to have a place to contain our holiday planning and even to keep christmas cards, thank you cards and postage stamps.

I found some 8 x 8 inch clear plastic scrapbooking envelopes, 2 in a package, for $1. My favorite local paper store had chipboard in packages of 25 for under $4 as the stable base for our kit. The rest was all made or grabbed from other websites (appropriate permissions granted).

So here is the kit!

A large calendar for adding tasks and reminders like, "clean guest sheets ", "thaw turkey", "send xmas cards", "pick up table linens from dry cleaner" (yeah, I don't have to do that either. LOL)

What's that peeking out the back? LISTS! from the Organized Christmas website. She has two planner styles to download for personal use. A notebook planner and a pocket planner version. The lists here are from the pocket planner version. (Tip: All downloads are on the right sidebar.)

We added a notepad for any messages that need to be distributed or just a place to calculate what's needed.  The notebook paper was stacked 20 at a time and then cut to size. Then a perforator rotarty blade was run across the top, stapled together and covered with folded kraft text paper cut with a Spellbinders Label Six die-cut.

 Thanks for stopping in! Have a great Monday!

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