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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valenting Day 9 and 10 - I'm all and Time with you

I've been so busy I forgot to check my Valentine's candy posts! So you will be getting another two for one day.  Here they are:

Day 9:
Yesteryear's treat:
Clever Saying:
I've met "Airheads"
I've met geeks, you're one of a kind
You're someone Unique!!!
Candy: Airheads

Today's treat:

Clever saying: I'm all... puckered up!
Candy: Lemonheads

Day 10!
Yesteryear's treat:

Clever saying:
You're so sweet, as sweet as honey,
I love you more than Chocolate money!!!
Candy: Bag of chocolate coins

Today's treat:

Clever saying: Time with you... is refreshing.
Candy: Junior Mints

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