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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Day 3 - My heart bursts...

Day 3!

I hope you're enjoying these without all the guilt. LOL

Yesteryear's treat:

Clever Saying:
I love your Kisses
I love your Hugs;
They pull on my heart
with great big tugs!
Candy: Hershey's Hug's and Kisses
(Does anybody know the Stampin' Up stamp used on this label?)

Today's treat:

Clever saying: My heart bursts...  with love for you.
Candy: Starbursts

Construction: milk carton box continued...

Fold the top of the milk carton and adhere just the tab together. I looked for the tab in the lid and made the window panel align with it. That way all the seams will be on one side to hide from the photos. LOL I squeezed the sides of the window panel into the center to keep them from touching the red line tape when I lowered it into the carton lid.  I started with one corner and aligned it then let go of one side panel and let the other corner sort of pop into place. Keep doing that around until it all aligns. Rub the red line tape through the window panel with a bone folder. (Hope the image helps out here.)

Turn it over and do the same for the bottom of the carton.

The carton is done! We'll start on the labels tomorrow!

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