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Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Day 1 - I Love You...

If you went on the InStyle Stamps Blog Hop last Friday you have already seen the heart-shaped box I made for my husband that has 14 Days of Valentines in it with a peek inside the box and a treat out of the box.

I thought it would be fun for us all to go through each treat for each day just as he will be...BUT you get to see the yesteryear's photos. I hope these will give you a great inspiration for your own valentines.  Let's have some fun!

DAY 1:

Yesteryear's treat:
Clever Saying: Don't you fret and don't you Snicker; don't let my love for you upset your ticker!
Candy: Snickers

Today's treat:

Clever Saying: I love you...   to pieces. (This saying is a stamp from Verve's Sweet on You set, and I wish there were 14 sayings in that set because I would have loved to use them instead.)
Candy: Reeses Pieces
Tool used:  Stampin' Up Mini Milk Carton Bigz Die

This die will go through my Cuttlebug! Even though the length of the die is longer than the Cuttlebug B Plates, the plates are long enough to cover the diecut area. It takes a strong "nudge" to get it started through the Cuttlebug, but it worked.

Construction: milk carton see-through middle
I wanted the candy to be viewable when the carton was pulled out of the box so, I cut the milk carton measuring from the bottom at 2 3/4", this is the top of the milk carton cut away, then again at 2 3/8" this is the bottom of the carton leaving a sliver 3/8" wide to throw away. I tried using a circle punch (to get to the middle of the side panel it cut too much off the bottom flap and I wanted all four bottom flaps for strength) and I didn't have a nestie small enough (IMHO) to make the cut out. To be continued...

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Hi Janelle, These are both very very cute!!!
    Hugs to you sweetie, Janiel

  2. Janelle, you rock! This is adorable!

  3. Such a great idea!! So cute, you are so creative! Blessings.


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