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Friday, January 22, 2010

Make you own Valentine candy!

You won't get calories from this candy and you don't even need to be in the kitchen to whip up these confections. Let's have some candy fun!

Valentine Candy Corn and more!

Supplies for candy corn:
  • 3 different sizes of circle punches, coluzzle or Nestabilities (used in the tutorial)
  • mono-adhesive
  • Glue for glitter (needs to dry clear)
  • Glossy Accents (Crystal Affects, Paper Glaze will work too)
  • glitter in white, pink, and red
  • scissors

Step One:
Cut out one small white circle (Nestie #1), medium pink circle (Nestie #3) and large red circle (Nestie #4).

Step 2:
Using mono-adhesive, adhere them together. Make sure the small and medium size circles are liberally taped so they will stay together when cutting them in the next step.

Step 3:
Cut the stacked circles into 12 pieces. If you have a steady hand cut them out freehand or use the method in the instructions below to make them all nice and equally sized. I used a sheet of copy paper and diecut the large circle out for these instructions.
1. Circle to be folded.

2. Fold in half.
3. Fold into quarters.
4. Fold into thirds and crease with bone folder.
5. Unfold and mark each crease, then snip the outer edge.
6. Bend the cut edge on each wedge so you will have some space to mark the BACK of your stacked circles.

Step 4:
Now with the marks on the back of your stacked circles, draw straight lines connecting them. Cut on all the lines.

Step 5:
Round the corners on the outer edge and snip off the very tip then round with the scissors.

Step 6:
Start with the outer ring of red and add a thin layer of glue to a few of them and lay in glitter tray or paper and sprinkle darkest glitter on them. Shake off excess and lay aside. Continue until the outer ring on all pieces are done. Start with the middle ring of pink and do the same. Finally the inner white ring with white glitter. Let dry completely.

Step 7:
When dry apply a thin layer of Glossy Accents over the top to seal the glitter onto the paper. It creates a no mess embellishment!

You're done!

Want another piece of candy in the mix?
Here's an easy embellishment. Use a small circle punch and a heart punch. Apply a dimensional dot adhesive to the back of one circle and peel off cover. Add the tip of each heart to the adhesive on opposite sides. Apply another dot adhesive on top of the tips and flip over. Use the same steps to cover with glitter and seal with Glossy Accents and you have a wrapped piece of hard candy! Use patterned paper or different colors. (I used red with red glitter and it doesn't pop as nicely, so the next one will be white paper with different colors of glitter.)

Here are a few candy corn and a wrapped candy. The arrow is pointing to the one that has been sealed and it makes a difference in the vibrant colors.

What do I have sticking out of that sanding block? Well it is my attempt at a chocolate covered candy bonbon (the tip of a quilt pin) and heart (clay). I used burnt umber acrylic paint over a homemade porcelain clay that once dipped is flash heated with a hot embossing tool. Two tips: First, use new clay. The clay I used is old and cracked a lot during air drying. Second, try and air dry the paint. It might not wrinkle as badly.

 Whatever you end up doing, have some fun and share your experience! I'll close Mr. Linky February 1, 2010.


  1. These are wonderful, what a creative idea, and great tutorial

  2. Such a wonderful idea and they look super!
    Lana x

  3. Great tutorial for these cute projects. Thanks so much for sharing :o)


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