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Monday, September 21, 2009

September Gratitude Hop 2009

font used from kevinandamanda.com free scrapbook font

Every once in a while, I pause. I wonder why I'm writing a blog and making cards and if it's fulfilling anything other than time spent.

Today I glanced at the Followers list on my blog. WOW! I am filled with so much gratitude. Whether you are intrigued, inspired, or amused, I deeply appreciate your networking with me on our interests. Whether we are all doing similar or different interests on our blog we are sharing ourselves in a community. Thank you.

So I began to ponder if I could find a way to show you I appreciate you! Here's my idea. I would like to have a blog hop in your honor. Nothing extra to make or create, just plan on signing up for a blog hop post so we can all "see" each other by blog hopping. It's a busy time of year for many so it really needs to be simple, right? I hope you'll allow me the opportunity to host you on this Gratitude Blog Hop.

Gratitude Hop September 30, 2009

Simple Rules:
1. Add your name and URL to Mr. Linky below. A special post is not required, but if you have something to post on the blog hop day, then combine it with the Gratitude Hop and post the specific URL.
2. If you have a special post add the person after you in Mr. linky to your post so those on the blog hop will have an easier time hopping. If a link is not there just refer back to Mr. Linky on this post and go to the next person on the list.

Meet back here on September 30, 2009 as early as 8AM Eastern Time. (For those who are going to do a special post for the hop, have it ready by that time). Start at the beginning of the list and take the links down the list.

Oh, see that bland black and white line art at the beginning of the post? It's a freebie from me to you. It's a thank you for coming to visit my blog through the Follow list. I'm having a little bit of fun on the digital canvas these days. If you decide to use it please give me, © Janelle of Rain Puddles Design blog 2009, credit. While the digi-stamp is very simple art it is still my art form and time, I would appreciate that you not redistribute it on your blog or through any other form. You may share a link to my blog if you want others to know about it. It would be really cool to see it on the blog hop! (but not required) ;) Paper piece it on a card or color it with digital papers, I hope you share it with us.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I clicked Mr. Linky and am really looking forward to seeing everyone else's blogs.

  2. I'm in, too. What a fun idea. I always wonder who else is out there and love seeing new blogs.

  3. Hi Janelle! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog and letting me know about the your gratitude blog hop...what a superb idea! I've added the link on your Mr Linky to one of my recent gratitude cards.
    Smiles 2 U! Pam :) Stamping with Serendipity!
    p.s. you've got another new follower! and thank u too for taking the time to critique my card. I already have plans to add something to the left side. I think that may be exactly what it needs! :)

  4. omgosh,what a cool idea Janelle! I would have loved to join in, will have to pop back and read this again later today!
    I'm really to take a 'computer break' and feed my starving children! lol
    Blessings, Maria

  5. I just changed the link for mine- I'm sorry I didn't notice that the other one wasn't working!

  6. I love your fall colors!!!


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