Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Budding Crafter

I have a budding crafter in my house. It's my 4 year-old daughter. You can usually find her in the craft room with me once little brother is down for a nap. On Tuesday she had quickly made some party hats before getting hungry for snack time. She was making these hats for a birthday party of her BFF who is moving to the midwest with her family. My DD is pretty sad, but her spirits were lifted when she showed me three hats she had made to take for the party. So sweet.

I found them laying inside my Photo box waiting to be photographed tonight. So here is my sweet daughter's hats for all to see.

(I think the protruding paper on each side is the straps that would go around your head, just like the Burger King crown, et. al. style hat.)

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