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Saturday, August 15, 2009

WAW! (What A Week!)

I can't believe all the busyness that has been going on this week. Our church had Summer Tsunami (old schoolers call it VBS) and I volunteered to be a Tour Guide for 16 4-year-olds. Whew! I am ill equiped to handle that many children.

In the midst of my mornings being filled up, I attempted to complete Release Week Challenge Sketches for Verve's 2nd anniversary, then my children started getting sick (you'll see how my cards go from intricate to simple and that's where I started running out of time to complete them for the prize deadline). My son woke up on Friday morning with a very splattered bed from losing what was still in his stomach from the night before, yet he was chipper and with a healthy appetite. My daughter was doing well and ready to show off her newly painted fingers and toes to her best friends at Summer Tsunami. I ended up with two children hanging on me the whole time, neither feeling all that well. Felt like a monkey mom. LOL (Why didn't I take them home? Well, the other tour guide that was with me the whole week was out of town on Friday, so I was the knowledgeable tour guide for our group and with hardly any extra help they needed me. We started out the day expecting my husband to stay home, but with both kids seemingly on the up-and-up with no fevers, I decided to take them along with me.)

Verve has some wonderful new sets available from August's release party. Go check them out if you have a moment. Verve has got such a unique style that they are always refreshing even when there are already something like it already out there. shopVerve

Well, here are my cards for the challenge sketches this week. I'm not going to talk much about them except show them off here. If you would like the materials details please visit my SCS gallery.

I ran across the Stampin' Up Tags and More set and saw the dragonfly stamp. I thought it might go well with the Whimsy Tree from Verve. I think it does.

I used some leftover handmade background paper from a previous card and my new Nestabilities Oval Scallop and Oval dies. I meant this to be a sympathy card but once I got those ribbons on the card I had to change it to a Birthday Wishes. This worked out to be an option for a Verve Diva Giveaway during Verve's release party this week.

I needed a sympathy card so I went to the next release sketch and again using some leftover handmade background paper pulled this one together.

This card is a NO layer card. It started out as a CAS card for another Diva Giveaway for Verve's Release Week and I just didn't know if I should put a layer on it or not. I decided not to add a layer.

This card was made with another leftover patterned paper that has been begging to get used. So I just started making shapes in other scraps of colors until I got what I liked.

Using all these leftovers and scraps you would think that I'd less to use in my scrap pile, but there is still way more than I'll ever be able to use up.

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