Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Great Day Out

This morning I scurried my two children downstairs, out of pajamas and in "play" clothes, and set them at the table with cereal and milk. I ran back upstairs and quickly got ready. Today we went out to the Idaho Botanical Garden and met Grammy there.

The Garden is a memorable place this time each year. My husband and I had our wedding reception there and I think I've only been back to it twice since we've been married. At the end of July in southwest Idaho it is mostly 100 degree Fahrenheit weather and the day we were married was not an exception. As the day moved on and we arrived at the garden my husband had all intentions to change out of his tuxedo into shorts and t-shirt. I prayed he wouldn't and it was answered. The clouds came over the garden and sprinkled rain ever so lightly and cooled down the air just enough that he stayed in the whole garb the entire night.

So as I'm walking around the English garden thinking these thoughts and hearing my son bellow a cry of detest at his sister over the umbrella stroller, I started taking shots of the garden. Here are a few photos of an absolutely beautiful moment.

It was a great day at the garden.

We drove home after having lunch with Grammy at the Trolley House. Sibling life is hard for a 4 and 2 year old sometimes and needless to say my cars still opened hatch door got jammed INTO the garage door while trying to diffuse a bickering session.

That was not a great day at home.

My mother-in-law said to me at the garden, "Enjoy them while you can." I bet she didn't know she was talking about the beautiful garden against the scratched up hatch door in the garage.

What's the damage on the door? I don't know. I called my husband and asked him to look at it when he got home from work. He hasn't said anything about it yet.

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