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Friday, April 17, 2009

Two quick notes...

My watermark is officially approved! I can use the clean and qwerky typeface from Amanda over at kevinandamanda.com.

I stayed up all last night mesmerized by all my cardmaking tools and materials. So much so that I didn't stop at my personally induced stoppage time (lol) while making the Verve Release Challenge Contest. Now some of you know what I'm talking about when I say that those sketches are high quality. I just had to keep making the cards no matter how tired I got.

Let me just say, I'm very exhausted right now. If I didn't need to take care of my kids right now I'd be sawing logs. That's beside my point of the post. Back to Verve Release Challenges.

This is how I felt with each card.
CARD 1: Fresh, robust, with a plan.
CARD 2: Can't keep my eyes open "must stay awake", drained of energy and wanting to quit so I'll make the next card quick.
CARD 3: Blinded from card 2. Need something quick. Better yet. Quicker than the last card.
CARD 4: "Do I have those colors or do I just find something that has one of the colors in it and git 'er done.

Well after all that posting, here are my cards for the Challenge. You can get the details at my SCS gallery anytime I post a card here. Thanks for stopping by.

Hope to "see" you at the release party!

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