Friday, April 3, 2009

Play with Clay Part 2

Two days later and I'm impressed with this homemade clay! Look at it now.

On Wednesday evening I checked it and the top was pretty dry but the bottom was still as fresh clay so I turned it over. I took one picture to show and then laid a small box on top of it to lay it flat. The next day I was going to post it and it was out of focus. Bummer. It doesn't look much different than the first day, but I think it looks crisper in design.

How much did it shrink? Take a look.

If you look across the bottom of the stamp and clay I aligned them with the lines that touch the text. It looks a little off to me but that is close enough to see how much it shrinks. The back is till not totally dry but I don't think it will add to the shrinkage.

Pretty neat. What do you think? What should I use it for? My patent answer is a card. Maybe glue ribbon on the back and tie it to a treat bag full of treats.

I take no credit for this idea. I got my visual instructions at Craftstylish . This website talks about using it for necklace pendants.

UPDATE: I didn't complete my credits. While I used the visuals from Craftstylish I used the recipe from here.

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