Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain Puddles

Do you remember my memory that sparked the name of my company and now this blog? Read it here.

Well, I was so tickled to see my two children pouncing on the puddles in the parking lot on Tuesday this week, that it reassured me that my memory was so correct. They giggled bubbly and didn't care that they were getting their shoes, pants and eachother wet. They watched intently how the water came out from under their shoes and made ripples in the puddle. How extremely fun it was to just let my children be themselves. Carefree and full of creativity.

I didn't get in and jump with them, but my heart and soul was right there with them. I even nudged them on by asking them where the water was going in the gutter near by.

All this puddle jumping made me, well, creatively inspired to work on my logo. I pulled out my sketch pad and woodless pencils from my college stash of eons ago. And freely drew puddles and boots and splashes. Stay tuned. You might see the making of a long awaited logo.


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