Monday, March 30, 2009

Plain Jane Storage

I've searched on the internet a few times for ideas on how to store my Verve Plain Jane stamps, but haven't really had an issue with them just laying on my counter. I use them almost all the time.

The last time I purchased some Plain Jane's I was feeling a little overwhelmed at which one I had used for a bible verse project I'm working on so I decided I should figure out what to do.

One of my searches resulted in going to a local office supply store and I thought it was simple enough to remember so I didn't bookmark the site. So I procrastinated a few weeks and now today I've decided to make due with what I have around the house.

My supplies:

Clear Heavyweight Sheet Protectors
Full sheet of chipboard
Pencil and Pen
Food Saver Machine (not pictured)

I started to write a tutorial and I got hung up on the measurements to give you so I scratched that and just tell you the basics.
I drew two lines each horizontally and vertically, equally spaced so I had 9 rectangles on my sheet of chipboard. I drew two extra lines about 1/8" - 1/4" below the two horizontal lines when the chipboard is in a portrait position.
Next I slid the chipboard into a sheet protector and with a ballpoint pen (or permanent marker) I marked the outer edge where my first 4 lines were. I next used a ruler and my xacto knife to cut slits on the extra two lines being careful not to cross over the two main lines.
I took out the chipboard, turned on my Food Saver setting it to Seal Only, and then lined up the top most pen marks along the teflon sealing area. Holding onto the sheet protector with one hand I closed the Food Saver carefully. I sealed that line for a quick 10 seconds. I rotated the sheet protector and repeated this until all my main lines were now sealed lines.
It was complete! Here it is in a binder.


  1. Wow! This is so cool. My non-domestic personality went into panic mode when you said pull out the Foodsaver, but if I had one I'd certainly try this! LOL

  2. Hmmmm.. I have a Foodsaver... I have page protectors. Now you've got me thinking. What a creative, thrify idea!


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