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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dinner FAST!

Over the years, I've collected food magazines and tried to come up with fun ways of eating old things. Post children I've gone back to basics. I've pulled out the tried and true, "Better Homes and Garden" Cookbook (red and white checker cover) and the results have always been positive.

Tonight I made a "Creamy Herbed Pork Chops" on page 232. Since I don't know if I can legally write out the recipe I'll give you a general idea of the recipe. It has, of course, 4 servings of pork and cooked in a skillet with butter and finely chopped carrots. When cooked, no more pink, you remove the chops and put in flour, parsley and a mellow herb, beef bouillion and then milk to thicken. Finish with a splash of dry white wine or water. Ours was sans wine. I loved it. My husband liked the sauce. The kids however, was a mixed review. Our son is under the weather so he just wasn't eating and our daughter said she like the sauce but didn't eat much of it.

No matter what, it was quick and I had everything on hand. You have to like that!

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