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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brand New Blog

My blog name, Rain Puddles Design, stems from a home business I've had for years. The type of business doesn't matter so much as the meaning behind the name. Rain puddles don't sound all that artsy. They aren't, however most artistic endeavors come from a feeling or memory inside you. My memory? I remember as a child running down to the corner of the block after a Colorado downpour and playing in the largest puddle of gutter rain possible. Sounds dirty, yes, but I just remember having the time of my life. It was care free and personal, so my designs are reflective of that. At least I hope they are to the people that receive them and hopefully to you, the viewers of this blog.

Some of my favorite blogs to scan daily are;

You'll probably see my style stem from these wonderful artists. I hope you visit their sites and check out what wonderful talent they have.

What are the details of the photo?
Thanks for wanting to know.
The photo is from a cookie bouquet I made in 2007 to give to my sweet hubby on Valentine's Day. I made the best cookies from a recommended recipe on Cookie Madness blog and the frosting is a meringue decorator's frosting. The green balls are sadly discontinued Harry and David Creme de Menthe Malt Balls. I secured the cookies in the pot by making a batch of krispie treats with added cocoa to make it look earthy. They are so much fun to make and yummy to boot.


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